Welcome to my website! I write about various topics, and I hope my medium here illumines that which is true, good, and beautiful.



Salvete, here you will find what my soul was designed to particularly love, words and their lively essences.

The degree to which I am aligned with that which is true, good, and beautiful as I am disposed to them according to my design constitutes WHO I am. You may identify me by my alignments or lack thereof, making who I am the same as my IDENTITY. Although, ‘who I am’ and ‘my identity’ could be distinguished if you referred to me as a mere number. That I am an embodied soul disposed towards that which is true, good, and beautiful constitutes in part WHAT I am. I could tell you I am a philologist, and you could identify me as such, recognizing that part of who I am is THAT I love words. However, in this case, you would be identifying a window into who I am. Indeed, we spend much of our time describing windows into who we are. I hope to give you windows into who I am here in this blog.

Omnia possum facere per Eum qui dans vires me. Philippians 4:13