America as Dionysiac and Apolline: Part 2

In my previous part, I primarily talked about the Dionysiac quality of art and its relation to Donald Glover’s ‘This is America.’ I also proposed questions which the video seemed to ask. Henceforth, I would like to talk about how Glover thinks America has “Apollinely” provided a solution (i.e. an orderly solution) to the violence […]

America as Dionysiac and Apolline: Part 1

Whatever is said of Friedrich Nietzsche’s philosophical perspective of the world, it gives rise to a particular view of art that bodes valuable interpretative power. In The Birth of Tragedy, he speaks of the Dionysiac and the Appoline qualities of art which by their nature go beyond it to the inner life of man in relation to the […]

The Illocutionary Acts of the Catholic Mass

I have heard that there are four major transformations in the Catholic Mass correlated to certain illocutionary acts. The term ‘illocutionary act’ is a linguistic term. Thus, I will briefly analyze the Mass linguistically. An ‘illocutionary act’ is a phrase that when said enacts in its saying that which it talks about. For example, ‘I […]