A Typical Hollywood Agenda

I recently watched the movie Green Book, which I had found pleasant except, briefly, for a moment of historical inaccuracy. The movie is well done overall, and I am astounded by Viggo Mortesen’s performance, as I have not seen him explore the boundaries of acting as he has done here. That said, I am content to explore the two scenes in the movie that are worrisome. But, it is not their mere inaccuracy that I am concerned about; rather, I am concerned with the way Hollywood has set its agendas over the truth.

There is a great push for depicting homosexuality as something to be accepted as good. For, indeed, we live in a country where equality is ipso facto good. And, anything thus set under the name of equality seems, as Hollywood would have it, to be worth privileging at all costs. As this fact is unknowingly full of half-truths, many would consider it fully truthful and would find it imprudent to doubt otherwise. However, is it not sad that those ignorant of this fact would call me biased and an idiot, and those less ignorant would be so-deemed out-of-touch with the reality of what Hollywood is doing?

There is a moment when Don Shirley, played by Mahershala Ali, is discovered with another man, suggesting a sodomistic relationship has taken place. I say sodomistic because the suggestion here in no way purports that Shirley has always been homosexual. Nevertheless, the suggestion, although somewhat vague, is all-the-same clearly present.

Sure, sodomy is nothing new, but there is no evidence that Shirley was homosexual. Look up his biography! Therefore, this scene takes place for an ulterior motive. And, it is not one uncommon in our modern times. So, what are we to do with it? Are we to just let it slide? That is, are we to ignore the truth? Or, are we to fight for it?

It would seem that Hollywood would have us slide it off. For, indeed, there is a second scene shortly after Shirley’s homosexual scene where Tony Lip shrugs off Shirley’s behavior as if shrugging was a virtue. Indeed, Hollywood’s post-modern hero would only be falsely virtuous! We may not say that the movie is moral insofar as we are to mimic Lip’s shrugging, but we are certainly invited to consider Lip as heroic insofar as he acts in this way.

Although the poster image for the movie says that it was “inspired by a true friendship,” alas, the true friendship has been tainted with a Hollywood agenda. If it seems that I am pessimistic about the movie, I find the effect of the agendas put out by Hollywood rather sad and falsifying. I otherwise do recommend the movie for its good performances, character development, and humor.

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