Who am I? That is the question of the modern identity crisis.

I am, which means I exist. And whilst I exist, I also have a goal which is to get to heaven. How do you get to heaven? You firstly conform your mind to reality. Secondly, you conform your mind to reality’s creator’s mind, just as you ought with any artist in order to understand their makings. Thirdly, while you are conforming your mind, you signify joy with your smile, eyes, body, and soul (oh, and perhaps watching vines on YouTube). You may ask, how does all of this work? That is where the trust aspect of faith resides. In other words, learn and love so as to live. That is what I do only because that is what I am made for and by extension, am.

My next goal is to write and so I intend to comment on various passages of books and such that I read in order to understand them myself and to share them with others. I hope you enjoy!

Ominiam agere possum dum in me Christo est.