Salvete, here you will find what my soul was designed to particularly love, words and their lively essences.

The degree to which I am aligned with that which is true, good, and beautiful as I am disposed to them according to my design constitutes WHO I am. You may identify me by my alignments or lack thereof, making who I am the same as my IDENTITY. Although, ‘who I am’ and ‘my identity’ could be distinguished if you referred to me as a mere number. That I am an embodied soul disposed towards that which is true, good, and beautiful constitutes in part WHAT I am. I could tell you I am a philologist, and you could identify me as such, recognizing that part of who I am is THAT I love words. However, in this case, you would be identifying a window into who I am. Indeed, we spend much of our time describing windows into who we are. I hope to give you windows into who I am here in this blog.

Omnia possum facere per Eum qui dans vires me. Philippians 4:13